Are you ready to step into alignment and use social media in a way that feels really, really good?

Are you ready to uncover the magic hidden within and be seen on social media for who you truly are?

Are you ready for social media to support you in building a grounded, sustainable and in-this-for-the-long-haul business?


Well then soul sister, let me introduce you to Sacred Social!


Sacred Social is an approach to using social media in a way that is deeply rooted with intention, creativity and flow.


It means using social media to build a business and lifestyle that is in complete alignment with who you are.


Tell me: do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You’re tired of trying to squeeze social media into your ever-expanding schedule
  • You know that social media is supposed to be about connection but you feel isolated and lonely in your online business
  • Your marketing attempts never seem to pay off and you find yourself waiting for a miracle or guardian angel to bring your next client to you
  • You have so much inside of you that wants to shine but your efforts always seem to miss the mark
  • You don’t fit into the mainstream version of what social media and business ‘should’ look like...you want to show up unapologetically and shine as your true self

It wasn’t always like this…

You started your business with passion and excitement

You got hooked to that feeling of connecting with your soul clients

You got a glimpse of what it feels like to be in flow

But then..

The excitement wore off

You lost momentum

And you now find yourself wanting to play bigger...

To step up and shine again!


Imagine this instead…

You’ve just woken up and turned your phone on for the day. As you take your first sip of coffee and flip open your laptop, your screen fills up with notifications from your soul tribe who want to…


And even invest in your most VIP offering!!


But then you see…

A notification that makes you jump out of your office chair and do a happy dance.

All the warm and fuzzy feels wash over you!

The email is from your mentor. Someone that you look up to. The one who has influenced you most on your business journey.

She has sent you an email and she wants you to know…

“I see you. I recognise you. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for sharing your message. Thank you for doing [insert very-important-work-that-you-do]. You inspire me.”


Cue the marching band and pop the champagne!!!

Want to know the best part?

None of this happened by accident. None of it was fate.

It happened because you showed up.

You shared your magic.

You held space for your community.

And you gave them something to believe in.


Why does any of this matTER?

Today Sacred Social is the purpose and magic in my heart that’s been busting to shine through for years, but to give you the raw and real insight into what it truly means to me, we have to rewind a little...

I was the shy kid; a total bookworm who loved words, kept to herself and had goals of becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw! But growing up, I was always cruising in the passenger seat, letting my creativity sit quietly inside my mind.

After school I found myself moving cities to study marketing and journalism. I was starting a new life and had it all going for me, but inside I felt an indescribable feeling that there was something more for me out there.


I craved connection and expression. I wanted to be truly seen and recognised for my gifts.

So, of course my next natural move was to start a blog! I’m talking about those early day blogs where you share your deepest secrets and soul whispers. However, the beauty of taking this brave step into the digital world, meant that I felt reinvigorated with a sense of purpose, and most importantly - community and connection.


This humble blog led to bigger opportunities - from an internship as a social media manager where I started to really fall wildly in love with the online world, all the way to scoring my first big job as a social media manager for a magazine.

Somewhere in amongst this wild ride, the concept for Sophie Zen was born. It was born out of the sacred, peaceful and zen energy that I felt everyday in the social media world.

For some, social media is ‘noisy’ and ‘saturated’ - but I saw it differently right from the start. I saw it as a space to express myself creatively, build genuine connection, and ultimately… connect back with myself.


Social media allowed me to build this beautiful business and step into a magical life completely aligned with who I am. It allowed me to shine my light, share my message and be recognised for my gifts.

It gave me the sacred space that I craved as the shy bookworm kid, and it still supports me creatively as the woman I am today.

You see gorgeous, social media is so much more than images and status updates - it’s the gateway needed to shine your light and step into your power every single day.


Ultimately we have to ask ourselves...

What type of life would we be living if we didn’t express our true wisdom and magic?


Sacred Social is the program for you if you…

  • Are a creative and soulful business owner who wants to build an abundant and sustainable business
  • Have already experimented with using social media for your business and want to take your efforts to the next level
  • Are committed to doing the work and showing up every day to make your vision come true
  • Love (or want to learn to love) managing social media for your business
  • Want to apply a more feminine and soulful approach to social media marketing

Sacred Social is not the program for you if you…

  • Still need convincing that your business needs to be on social media
  • Want shortcuts and tricks to grow your social media super fast with as little effort as possible
  • Don’t want to manage your social media or already outsource it to someone else
  • Aren’t interested in serving your soul tribe with meaningful content
  • Aren’t interested in exploring a soulful approach to managing your social media

If you’re still not sure, here are types of women who LOVE my work…


Here is what past clients have to say…


“As a creative, I was having trouble with the marketing side of my new business. I needed someone to help get my work out into the world. Her heart centred approach aligned with my business perfectly. She helped me get deep and gritty with what I wanted to achieve, getting clear on exactly what my values were and how I wanted to paint my picture in the business world. She helped me bring back the creativity to the business side of things. Not only is Sophie a delight to work with, she creates a warm, cosy, honest and expansive space to work in and really achieve all you've set out to achieve.”

- Emy Dossett


“I had been following Sophie's work online for sometime and really appreciated the awesome and highly valuable content she provided on her social media platforms. The greatest benefit of working with Soph was being provided with a customised structure and strategy for my social media, including content ideas and an editorial calendar. This has made planning and implementing my social media strategy so much easier and a much more pleasant and fun experience.” 

- Ainslie Young

“I feel that Sophie genuinely cares about my mission, my progress goals, and the struggles that come up along the way. She is experienced in this work and makes me feel as though I am not alone in all of it, which in itself is greatly comforting as well as motivating.”

- Naomi Nicholson

So, what are we going to cover?

Sacred Social is made up of seven modules which you will get immediate access to on Monday April 9. 

These include…


Week 1: Sacred Alignment

In this week’s module, you’ll learn how to use social media in a way that is sustainable, supportive and feels really, really good.

You will walk away with:

  • Your own unique definition of what sacred social media means to you
  • List of reasons why (and how) you should be using social media in your business
  • Strategies, tips and resources for using social media in a way that feels good
  • Action plan for using social media in a way that is sustainable for you including tips, tools and resources to support you


Week 2: Sacred Intention

In this week’s module, you’ll create space for social media success by getting clear on your intentions and mastering your mindset.

You will walk away with:

  • Your own re-defined version of social media success
  • My signature goal-setting method for setting clear and achievable social media intentions
  • Awareness of the mindset blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from sacred social media
  • Tools, resources and your very own action plan for mastering your social media mindset

Week 3: Sacred Connection

In this week’s module, you will discover how to find your soul tribe and build an engaged online community.

You will walk away with:

  • Clarity on who your soul tribe are and where you can find them
  • Deep understanding and curiosity for the current members of your soul tribe
  • Powerful strategies for connecting with your soul tribe
  • Tips on growing your soul tribe in an organic and aligned way

Week 4: Sacred Expression

In this week’s module, you will learn how to find your unique message and share it on social media.

You will walk away with:

  • Awareness of your own unique brand values, core messages and signature story (and how to use them on social media)
  • An understanding of your client’s story (and how you can use that on social media)
  • My signature template for creating your own social media style guide
  • Tips to up-level your current social media brand

Week 5: Sacred Creativity

In this week’s module, you will learn how to create content with ease and flow.

You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the different types of social media content and how to create your own content mix
  • Tips for finding inspiration for social media content
  • My guide to repurposing content on social media
  • An understanding of the different ways to share content on social media including an in-depth look at video, live streaming and blogging

Week 6: Sacred Presence

In this week’s module, you will learn how to manage your time and energy so you can make the greatest impact on social media.

You will walk away with:

  • My signature system of planning, managing and scheduling your social media
  • Tools you can use to maximise your time and energy
  • The very same content planner that I use with my clients
  • An understanding of where you should be spending your time and energy on social media

Week 7: Sacred Celebration

In this week’s module, you will learn how to understand your analytics, show gratitude for your soul tribe and celebrate your social media growth.

You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of where to find your social media analytics and which analytics are important to you
  • My signature template for creating social media progress reports
  • Tips for creating an attitude of gratitude
  • Ways to celebrate and acknowledge your progress and social media wins

Here is a little sneak peek at the materials you’ll receive!

Plus you’ll also get these bonuses!


The Spirited Social Media Circle for creating an aligned and soulful social media presence. This workbook is designed to help you identify the areas of social media where you are thriving and the areas that might need some love. You’ll also get 40 unique affirmations designed to help bring you back into alignment.


Access to extra tools, resources and articles to support you throughout this journey including a Sacred Social playlist and recommended reading.

Behind The Screen Interview series where I chat to three soulful coaches and creatives who are rocking their social media. You will get access to all of the strategies, tips and tools they use to plan, manage and schedule their social media.


Here is a sneak peek at the guest interviews…


Rachael Kable
The Mindful Kind



Amy Mackenzie
Designing Her Life



Jenna Black
Abundant Boss


And you’re getting access to all of this too…

All-in-one membership portal

This is your personal library filled with all of the content from Sacred Social including videos, worksheets, audio interviews, tools, resources and templates.

Interactive and inspiring worksheets

Each module will include a worksheet designed to get you doing the work and taking action!

Supportive done-for-you tools, resources and templates

As much as I believe managing your social media is a process unique to you, I also know how handy structures, templates and done-for-you tools can be in getting you started. Get access to the very same tools that I use to manage my clients social media!

Engaged Facebook community

What’s the point of doing a course on social media if you don’t get the chance to be social? That’s why I’ve included a Facebook community as a dedicated space for being social! Reach out with a question, share your latest social media post and gather the support of your sacred sisters in this community!

Weekly Facebook Live videos

Starting from April 9, there will be seven weekly Facebook Live videos that cover each of the seven modules of Sacred Social content. 


Here is what people have to say about my other social media resources...


It is soulful and gentle yet so useful. It’s like a soulful forecast for your social media. I noticed the areas that I am good at and comfortable with on social media and also I could see (it stood out pretty well) the bits that I am lacking direction and energy in.”

- Samantha Wheatley


“Spirited Social Media Circle is a beautiful workbook that brings a different, deeper and more fulfilling perspective to your social media presence. I've often felt overwhelmed and struggled to show up consistently. Working through the workbook, I could start to see why I felt this way, and what thoughts or beliefs were behind these feelings. Spirited Social Media Circle gave me clarity on where I needed to do some work - the inner work to feel aligned in how I am showing up on social media and the outer work to nurture and value my community and create a space that reflects me and my message in a way that feels good.” 

- Laura Banks


Sacred Social is an intimate and supportive program
that will allow you to…

  • Carve out your own social media space in a way that feels good for you
  • Use social media with purpose and have deep faith that your visions are coming to life
  • Feel a renewed sense of connection and curiosity in your business
  • Quiet the noise and listen to your own inner voice
  • Promote your business in a way that feels organic and natural
  • Create a legacy with each social media post you share
  • Feel supported and abundant in your business

Sign up to Sacred Social now!


Sacred Social Basic

This includes:

  • Immediate, lifetime access to all seven modules starting on April 9
  • Seven weeks of live Facebook videos and email reminders
  • Your very own all-in-one membership portal
  • Interactive and inspiring worksheets
  • Supportive done-for-you tools, resources and templates
  • Engaged Facebook community


One off payment of AUD $447


Two monthly payments of AUD $257

Sacred Social Intensive

This includes:

  • Immediate, lifetime access to all seven modules starting on April 9
  • Seven weeks of live Facebook videos and email reminders
  • Your very own all-in-one membership portal
  • Interactive and inspiring worksheets
  • Supportive done-for-you tools, resources and templates
  • Engaged Facebook community

Plus you’ll get all of this too:

  • 8 x weekly 60 minute group mastermind calls (valued at $1,200)
  • 1 x 30 minute 1:1 intention-setting session (valued at $100)  
  • 60 minute 1:1 social media coaching session (valued at $200)

This opportunity is only available by application and is limited to 4 women only.



One off payment of AUD $1,547

Two monthly payments of AUD $807


Enrolment Closes In


Want to know more about the lady behind the program?

Hi soul sister, I’m Sophie and I’m a social media mentor who helps coaches and creatives use social media in a way that feels really, really good!

During the day, you will find me creating content, connecting with my community in Facebook Groups and scheduling social media updates for my clients.

In the evening, I’m getting my ‘spirited’ on by reading the latest personal development books, performing New Moon rituals and consulting my oracle cards for divine guidance.

Knowing that everything we do in life has the possibility to be performed in a sacred and spirited way, I have combined my two worlds and created Sacred Social.


"When I needed help with my social media the first person I thought of was Sophie. From seeing how she runs her own media pages and blog I knew I would love to work with her. After working with Sophie I felt so much more confident and on the right track with everything I was doing. The biggest benefit was clarity and an honest opinion on how I was going and also tips to really amp up my social media presence.”

- Jodie Matthews


“Sophie is genuinely committed to providing the best for her clients and I felt this authenticity from the moment we connected. I knew I was in safe hands and I could admit even the dumbest things to her and she totally understood where I was coming from and ready and willing to help. The best part of working with Sophie was her ability to draw out answers that were hidden inside me that I just couldn’t find for myself because I was knee deep in everything else!”

- Sian Yewdall


“I feel like Marketing 101 is something I always avoid, questions like who am I speaking to and what is my plan can leave me feeling stuck. But with Sophie she makes it easy for me to digest, go away and implement in a way that works for me. This woman is a powerhouse, and someone I would highly recommend was on your team too!”

- Maddison Vernon


Want To Know More?

Here are some frequently asked questions...

When does Sacred Social begin?

Sacred Social officially begins on Monday April 9 when you get immediate access to all seven modules.

When do registrations close?  

The cart closes Thursday 29th March at 11:59am (AEDT).

How is the program delivered?

The e-Course is delivered in your very own membership portal with one video and worksheet per module. Some modules also come with done-for-you resources and extra materials.

How much time do I need to commit to the weekly content?

Weekly content will take 2-3 hours. However you will have lifetime access to this program and it is recommended that you go at your own pace. There is no right or wrong!

Will this program suit a product-based business?

I designed this program specifically for service-based businesses but I strongly believe the content is universal and can be applied to any type of business.

What if I don’t have a business?

That’s totally fine! You can still build your social media and online community without having a business. In fact, that’s how Sophie Zen started in the first place. Full disclaimer: I can’t promise that this program won’t lead to a bucket full of inspiration and the twinkling of a feeling that you DO want to start a business. I’m so passionate about using social media for your business, it spreads like glitter!

Will this program teach me how to start and set-up my social media accounts?

No - I designed this program for sacred sisters who have already dipped their toe into social media and have existing platforms. However setting up your accounts is easy and there are lots of tutorials online. So if you want to get started, hop onto Google, search for a tutorial, start your account then sign up for Sacred Social here! I’ve got your back with all the next steps!

Will this program include information about paid social media advertising?

No - I believe social media advertising is a whole program within itself and it’s not the one that I set out the create with Sacred Social. This isn’t the program for you if you’re looking to learn about paid social media advertising.

When are the weekly Facebook Live videos?

Facebook Live videos are scheduled for Friday at 10am AEST but will be saved in the Facebook Group to watch at any time.

Do you offer refunds for change of mind?

Due to the nature of this program, and the immediate access to course content, I am currently unable to offer a refund for change of mind. Please consider your purchase carefully and if you have any questions then please reach out. You will find my contact details below.

Still scrolling the page and wondering if this is the right program for you?

Well then soul sister, let’s chat!

Email me at sophie(at)sophiezen(dot)com to ask me any questions you have!

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